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How do organizations really work? This is a question I have been thinking about for about 3 decades. I look at the answer from an accounting (my profession), social and societal perspectives. Oh, don't be surprised if there is a bit of cycling or snowshoeing thrown in.

Carnwood Modeste January 2022 Site Visit

With steep ravines, much of the Carnwood Modeste Natural Area (NA) is inaccessible to all but the numerous white-tailed deer populations. This NA is within 20 km of 8-15 other natural areas including the well-known Coyote Lake Natural Area (see map below).

Carnwood-Modeste at the center of a yellow 20km circle with other natural areas in or near the circle.
Natural Areas within 20 km (yellow circle) of Carnwood Modeste Natural Area. Note the map is approximately 35 km x 19 km in dimension.
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