[SIMPLE] Egg Island Ecological Reserve

The smallest of all the NA at less than an acre. This island in Lake Athabasca protects a nesting site for Caspian terns.


Egg Island Ecological Reserve, ca. 2004 (Alberta Parks)
Egg Island Ecological Reserve, ca. 2004 (Alberta Parks)

Map of the Area

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Other Information

Egg Island Ecological Reserve, located on Lake Athabasca, was established to protect a major breeding colony of Caspian terns, a “vulnerable species”; the terns are believed to have nested on this island since the early 1900’s; they usually nest near the center of the island; large numbers of California gulls also nest here. The island is nearly devoid of vegetation on the windward side; on the leeward side, raspberry gooseberry & the occasional willow, balsam poplar & aspen are found.

No access is permitted within 100 metres of the island during the bird breeding season from April 15th to August 15th [1].

Terns of Reference. The regal Caspian Tern is the largest tern in the world, easily recognized by its brilliant red fish-knife of a bill and deep, raspy call. Found all over the world, the Caspian favors both freshwater and saltwater environments. It feeds mostly on fish, captured in nimble aerial dives. On the nesting grounds, paired Caspian Terns perform splendid displays in the air, rising up to great heights in tandem. They migrate nocturnally, and in autumn their rolling calls are sometimes heard overhead during the night [2].

Site Statistics

Site NameEgg Island
Site TypeEcological Reserve
SubtypeOrder-in-council (OC)
Natural Region(s)Athabasca Plain
O.C. No. (Land Ref. Manual)612/92
PASite ID (Map Ref #)534
Site # (Parks Website)401
Total Area0.36 ha. (0.89 ac.)
Recreation Activitiesnone noted
Operated ByParks Division
Notes and Comments
Statistics and Details for Egg Island Ecological Reserve
EggIsland NA Site Map (Government of Alberta)
EggIsland NA Site Map (Government of Alberta)


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  1. Egg Island Ecological Reserve | Alberta Canada (travelalberta.com).
  2. Caspian Tern Overview, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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