[TBD] Natural Area

[TEMPORARY – INSTRUCTIONS – copy and paste into a NEW page]

  1. Sections are as follows;
    1. Title: Name of the area/Page, e.g.: [LOCATION] Natural Area, Ecological Reserve, Heritage Rangeland, etc.
  2. URL SLUG should abbreviate the type of area to NA, ER, HR and PP. Example:
    1. Good: alsike-bat-lake-na
    2. Bad: alsike bat lake natural area
  3. Brief Narrative: A ‘hook’ or overview of the area typically under 200 words (and ideally, about 100 words).
  4. Image: a representative image for the area ideally showcasing one of its features (e.g. a stream, hill, particular type of flora/fauna, etc.).
  5. Map of the Area (H1): See notes below
  6. Other Information (H1, Optional): key historical notes about the area (its protection, former or nearby owners, etc.) and significant natural details.
  7. Site Statistics (H1): Statistical information available
  8. References and Further Reading (H1): links to sources about the area, local government information (e.g. county, municipal), societies interested in the area’s preservation and links of general interest to the public or Steward for the area.
    1. Government of Alberta Land Reference Manual: Part of the paragraph with a (date) of when accessed.
    2. If content is used in the page, reference via a [#] in the body and a corresponding link: [LINK] (accessed 2098-12-31).
    3. Material of interest but not referenced, place in the further reading section.
  9. Comments: comments are allowed on the page. Respondents to a comment may be a SAPAA board member, the designated Steward, other Stewards, SAPAA member or a member of the public. AKISMET is used to filter spam comments.
  10. Page Elements:
    1. Feature Image: Not used.
    2. Excerpt: Use hook (Brief Narrative) otherwise:
      • [AREA] is located [DIRECTIONS FROM MAJOR LAND MARK] and current has a [does not have a ] Steward assigned. The area is important due to [REASON – OPTIONAL].
  11. Verify Site Menu: individual pages are only accessible via the List of Protected Areas; individual pages are not displayed on the menu.
    1. Dashboard > Appearance > Menus

[Brief Narrative: A ‘hook’ or overview of the area typically under 200 words (and ideally, about 100 words).]

  • [IMAGE, if available]
  • General Filename Format: [WHERE][WHEN][WHO]_[IDENTIFIER]
  • Caption: The caption should provide a short description of the subject of image and a photo credit and date: [SUBJECT] – [LOCATION] – [DATE] – [(CREDIT)].

Map of the Area


Any maps and map views are for general information only. Do not rely on them for navigation or to determine legal boundaries.

Other Information

Site Statistics


The following links are provided as a courtesy but are not verified or endorsed by SAPAA. Clicking on the link will cause you to leave the SAPAA website. Primary source of information is: Government of Alberta – [LINK] (All links accessed on 2023-02-DD).

  1. Sample sources may include:
  2. local government information (e.g. county, municipal), societies interested in the area’s preservation and links of general interest to the public or Steward for the area.
  3. Date all links and references, e.g.: [website]; [book] bibliography reference with page number; [email, interview] ‘interview with Bob Suruncle, designated government steward’. Lane, Lois. “Re: Falling in Love with a Superhero.” Received by Sally Sunshine, 18 Jul. 2018. Email interview.
  4. Aubrey, Merrily K., ed. Concise Place Names of Alberta. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2006; p. #.
  5. Mitchell, Patricia, and E. E. Prepas. “Atlas of Alberta Lakes.” Edmonton, Alberta: University of Alberta Press, 1990.
  6. Email exchange – Forestry Parks, and Tourism. “Re: SAPAA Asks – [AREA] (FID ##)” Received by F.Potter, [DATE], 2023.
  7. Peel 5240: Geographic Board of Canada, Place-names of Alberta (1928) (ualberta.ca)
  8. County of Barrhead – Landownership Map.
  9. Maps | Municipal District of Bighorn, AB (mdbighorn.ca)
  10. Bonnyville, AB – MD
  11. Maps | Brazeau County
  12. Clearwater County – Land Ownership Maps
  13. Maps: Lamont County
  14. Lac La Biche County – Maps
  15. Maps – Leduc County (leduc-county.com)
  16. Mountain View County – County Maproom
  17. Maps – Parkland County
  18. Red Deer County – Document Center (civicweb.net)
  19. Maps – Saddle Hills
  20. Smoky Lake County – Maps
  21. Map Room – Vulcan County
  22. Ownership Map | Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61 (mdwainwright.ca)
  23. County of Warner – Mapping (warnercounty.ca)
  24. Westlock County – County Maps
  25. Municipal Maps | Wetaskiwin County, AB – Official Website
  26. County Maps – Wheatland County
  27. Maps – Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (rmwb.ca)
  28. Woodlands County – County Maps
  29. County Maps – Yellowhead County (yhcounty.ca)

Further Reading [OPTIONAL]

  • Newsletter reference: [ARTICLE TITLE], SAPAA Newsletter No. NN Month YYYY p. n or pp. n-n.

Editing, Review and Silence Procedure

  1. FRANK: Publish page
  2. HUBERT/PATSY: Assign page for editing by update tbd in the Title (4-
  3. Review for readability and alignment to SAPAA organizational reputation.
  4. Best available image
  5. Review for accuracy including:
    1. Correct map and site statistics
    2. Area size is correct
    3. Standards (e.g. use of hyphens, spelling, etc.)
    4. References are accessible and and notes match
  6. Review for formatting, e.g.: Centered captions, No empty blocks
  7. TEAM: Last walk through
    1. Any final discussion or notes
    2. Remove [name] from title
    3. Add to log book for silence procedure
    4. Delete these notes.

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