Pine Lake (PNT) Natural Area

This irregularly-shaped PNT is located about 5 km west of the northern end of Pine Lake itself, about 30 km southwest of Red Deer.

Pine Lake (red square). Image courtesy of Red Deer County, Land Ownership Map.
Pine Lake PNT (red rectangle). Image courtesy of Red Deer County, Land Ownership Map.

Map of the Area

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Other Information

Located on and south of Highway 42, it appears this PNT is occupied in part by a Crown grazing lease. Parcels of land to the east and south are similarly leased. Various conservancy groups (e.g., Nature Conservancy of Canada) own land near this PNT [1].

No Pines, Maybe Ghosts. Nearby Pine Lake is drained by Ghostpine Creek and is replenished from runoff and aquifers [2]. The name is a shortened form of Ghostpine which was given to the area after a battle between the Cree and Blackfoot. Since then, the area is thought to be haunted. Technically the name should have been ‘Ghost spruce’ as pine was a mis-translation of the Cree word for spruce [3].

Site Statistics

Site NamePine Lake (PNT)
Site TypeNatural Area
SubtypeProtective Notation (PNT)
Natural Region(s)Central Parkland
O.C. No. (Land Ref. Manual)N/A
PASite ID (Map Ref #)47
Site # (Parks Website)N/A
Total Area60.61 ha. (149.78 ac.)
Recreation Activities
Operated By
Notes and Comments
Statistics and Details for Pine Lake (PNT) Natural Area


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  1. Red Deer County, Land Ownership Map.
  2. Pine Lake Restoration Society, Pine Lake – The Lake.
  3. Aubrey, Merrily K., ed. Concise Place Names of Alberta. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2006, p. 254.

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