Email Policy & Procedure

SAPAA’s current internet service provider ( provides two levels of service. A paid service or a free email forwarding. At this point in time, SAPAA uses the free service. This policy/procedure describes what emails are used, to who are they forwarded and how to manage changes. Additionally, SAPAA makes use of three GMail accounts whose purposes are described below.

Email Forwarding versus a Service

An email service (such as outlook, gmail or a paid service from supports sending, receiving and storing emails on a server.

Email forwarding means when an email is sent to an address (e.g. “”, the email is not retained on the ‘ server’ but instead is sent on to a destination email address (e.g. “”). The email is stored on the destination email server (in this example, the Gmail server). Any responses will come from the destination email instead of the original “” address.

An email service costs approximately $60CAD per year and essentially an unlimited number of email addresses can be created. Email forwarding is free but only five such email addresses can be created.

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Authority and Management

On an annual basis, the allocation of emails is reviewed by the board. The board is accountable for the allocation and the webmaster is responsible for managing the changes in the system.

SAPAA Email Addresses

SAPAA has created the following five addresses with the current email forwarding address.

OwnerSAPAA Email AddressForwarding Address
Treasurertreasurer@SAPAAStewards.comMyrna (new)Patsy
Web (existing)Frank
Current Allocation of Emails

SAPAA Gmail Accounts

SAPAA currently use three GMail accounts as follows:

sapaasteward@gmail.comFrank PotterData Archive and Web Functions
TBDChris SmithHosts SAPAA Map, not clear on the GMail account
adm.sapaa@gmail.comFrank PotterUsed to store administrative (e.g. finance, membership, etc.) content
sapaa@gmail.comtbdThis account was set up but it is not clear by whom or what purpose (e.g. used by ‘our’ SAPAA?)
GMail Accounts used by SAPAA

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