Beehive Natural Area

Named for the central mountain with its distinctive beehive shape, this site lies between the Oldman River and the Alberta/British Columbia border, approximately 45 km north of the Crowsnest Pass area.

Beehive Site Map (Government of Alberta)
Beehive Site Map (Government of Alberta)

Map of the Area

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Other Information

This site contains diverse habitats including alluvial plains of the Oldman River, alpine tundra and cliffs. The vegetation includes extensive old-growth spruce-fir forests that are believed to be more than 1000 years old; there are also lodgepole pine forests, grasslands and moist herb meadows in the area (Alberta Parks website, 2012).

Activities. A wide variety of activities are listed for the area including backcountry camping and hiking, birding, X-country skiing, fishing, horseback riding and hunting.
The Great Divide Trail runs through Beehive NA at treeline and crosses the Oldman River at the northern boundary of the site. The trail consists of an assortment of tracks, cutlines and roads.

BeeSKEP Mountain? Beehive mountain, located close to the centre of the site, is named for its rounded shape [1]. If you asked most people to draw a picture of where bees live and honey comes from, they would most likely draw a nearly square box. A beehive with a rounded shape is technically described as a skep. Still found on honey packaging and coats of arms, the skep has been largely replaced by the square boxes seen throughout the Alberta countryside [2].

Site Statistics

Site NameBeehive
Site TypeNatural Area
SubtypeOrder-in-council (OC)
Natural Region(s)Alpine; Subalpine
O.C. No. (Land Ref. Manual)416/98 current; 584/92 latest (previous)
PASite ID (Map Ref #)68
Site # (Parks Website)
Total Area6764.14 ha. (16,714.56 ac.)
Recreation ActivitiesCamping – backcountry, Birding, X-country skiing, Fishing, Hiking – backcountry, Horseback riding, Hunting
Operated ByParks Division
Notes and Comments
Statistics and Details for Beehive


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  1. Peel Library. “Geographic Board of Canada, Place-Names of Alberta (1928).” Accessed January 23, 2022.
  2. Beehive – Wikipedia.

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