[HT *Checked/PC-MEDIUM] Pigeon Lake (PNT) Natural Area

Located on near the its western shore, the NA PNT is close to, but not on, This densely wooded PNT is situated adjacent to the western shore of Pigeon Lake.


Approximate location of Pigeon Lake NA (red square) (Government of Alberta).
Approximate location of Pigeon Lake NA (red square) (Government of Alberta).[HT: moce square off the Lake?; Is this map in the PLWA ref?]

Map of the Area

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Other Information

“Before I slept I went to the beach. What a spectacle. No sound was heard but the rise and splash of the fish in the lake. A slight ripple was all that was discernible on the lake. It lay almost like a sea of molten silver and the stars were reflected on its glassy breast. A mirrored heaven!” Robert Rundle, November 1845 [1].

[PC: I would omit this quote; there is too much on Pigeon Lake; The curious thing is, why would there be a PNT when there is a huge PP nearby? ]

A Large Slough. Pigeon Lake is both one of Alberta’s larger fresh water lakes but also a ‘… large slough with residential development and recreational use.’ [2]. The lake has a total area of 96.7 km2 and a maximum depth of 9.1 m. It is an early tributary of the Battle River, to which it is connected through the Pigeon Lake Creek.

Woodpecker Lake was the original name but was changed to Pigeon Lake in 1858 due to the large number of passenger pigeons nesting in the area. In 1896, Pigeon Lake Indian Reserve was established on the southeast shore. Later, the summer village of Ma-Me-O Beach was developed at the south end of the lake on land obtained from the Indian reserve in 1924. Ma-Me-O (omîmîw) is a Cree word meaning “pigeon” [3].

A Management Plan was established in 2018 by all municipalities in the watershed and endorsed by the Chiefs of the Maskwacis Cree Four Nations, Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce and other key stakeholders. The goal of the plan is to [4]:

  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of algal blooms
  • Improve the health of the watershed and lake
  • Improve the recreational value of the lake and economic health of the region

Site Statistics

Site NamePigeon Lake (PNT)
Site TypeNatural Area
SubtypeProtective Notation (PNT)
Natural Region(s)Central Mixedwood; Dry Mixedwood
O.C. No. (Land Ref. Manual)N/A
PASite ID (Map Ref #)240
Site # (Parks Website)N/A
Total Area64.30 ha. (158.90 ac.)
Recreation Activities
Operated By
Notes and Comments
Statistics and Details for Pigeon Lake (PNT) Natural Area


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  1. Rundle’s Mission Society, The Rev. Robert Rundle, Pigeon Lake Alberta Retreat and Cottages. [Omit?]
  2. 2015 Volunteer Conference in Wetaskiwin, SAPAA Newsletter No 33 May 2016, p 2.
  3. Wikipedia, Pigeon Lake.
  4. Pigeon Lake Watershed Association, Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan.

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