Sherwood Park Natural Area

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Sherwood Park Natural Area is a 68-hectare site in a gently rolling landscape of aspen forest and willow–sedge wetlands. 2.7 km of hiking trails in the area are accessible from a parking lot on Range Road 231 south of Sherwood Park. [3, adapted]

Depressional area in aspen forest in Sherwood Park Natural Area as it appeared on 2021.04.18 (PCotterill)
Depressional area in aspen forest in Sherwood Park Natural Area as it appeared on 2021.04.18 (PCotterill)

Map of the Area

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Other Information

NATURAL DESCRIPTION. The rolling landscape of this natural area in the Central Parkland Subregion of the Parkland Natural Region is covered mainly by mature aspen and balsam poplar forest interspersed with patches of mature white spruce and paper birch. There are a number of wet depressions throughout the area, including one fairly large slough in the northwest corner of the site.

Wetland habitats include willow shrubland, paper birch–willow–Labrador tea shrubland and cattail–sedge wetland. The mosaic of habitats attracts a variety of bird species, some of which (e.g., Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers,Great Horned Owl,Northern Saw-whet Owl, Black-capped Chickadee, and White-breasted Nuthatch) reside here year-round. White-tailed Deer, Coyotes, Snowshoe Hares, Porcupines and Red Squirrels are common, and Moose are occasionally seen.

SCHOOL SITE and THE OLD EDMONTON TRAIL. When the Province of Alberta was first surveyed, the site of Sherwood Park Natural Area was earmarked for a school. Local farmers held grazing permits and leases on the site beginning in the late 1800s. People traveling between Edmonton and Cooking Lake began following a route through the area in the early 1900s. Evidence of the “Old Edmonton Trail” can still be seen today. Plaques mark several of the original survey markers along this historic route.

HISTORY OF PRESERVATION. In 1966, adjacent land owners took action to protect the area’s virgin forest for future generations and to have the lands designated as one of Alberta’s first natural areas in 1971.

[The above were primarily adapted from 3]

Site Statistics

Site NameSherwood Park
Site TypeNatural Area
SubtypeOrder-in-council (OC)
Natural Region(s)Central Parkland
O.C. No. (Land Ref. Manual)519/95
PASite ID (Map Ref #)212
Site # (Parks Website)464
Total Area68.35 ha. (168.89 ac.)
Steward-Status4. Unknown
Recreation ActivitiesBirding, Hiking – front country, Wildlife viewing
Operated ByParks Division
Notes and Comments
Statistics and Details for Sherwood Park

References, Further Reading and Links

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  2. Alberta Parks website, 2012
  3. Strathcona County – Sherwood Park Natural Area (accessed 2022-01-09)
  4. The name Sherwood Park was part of a real-estate marketing campaign. The original name of Campbelltown, after the founder John Hook Campbell was not accepted. (Donovan, Larry. 2007. Alberta Place Names: The Fascinating People and Stories behind the Naming of Alberta. Place of publication not identified: Dragon Hill Publ., p. 201).

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