Burtonsville Island Natural Area

Burtonsville Island Natural Area is part of a complex braided channel system of the North Saskatchewan River. St. Francis Natural Area lies across the river to the south.

Burtonsville Site Map (adapted), 2008 (Government of Alberta)
Burtonsville Site Map (adapted), 2008 (Government of Alberta)

Map of the Area

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Other Information

Burtonsville Island Natural Area consists of a group of islands surrounded by a fork in the North Saskatchewan River. The vegetation includes old-growth balsam poplar and white spruce forest with a tall, dense shrub layer; mixed stands of poplar, spruce and trembling aspen with trees of varying height, density and understory composition also occur. Willow, alder and early successional communities dominate active channel banks and older inactive river channels (Alberta Parks website, 2012).

Burtonsville Island Natural Area is used for outdoor survival training by colleges and there are some descriptions of hiking trails [1].

Site Statistics

Site NameBurtonsville Island
Site TypeNatural Area
SubtypeOrder-in-council (OC)
Natural Region(s)Dry Mixedwood
O.C. No. (Land Ref. Manual)531/87
PASite ID (Map Ref #)419
Site # (Parks Website)428
Total Area328.00 ha. (810.49 ac.)
Recreation Activitiescross-country skiing, hunting, wildlife viewing
Operated ByParks Division
Notes and Comments
Statistics and Details for Burtonsville Island


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  1. Travel and Trails. Burtonsville Island Natural Area (accessed 2022 04 08).

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